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SpaceSOC MDR for Endpoint Protection

Managed Detection and Response powered by Microsoft Sentinel


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Minimized False Positives

Experience an enriched Sentinel environment with actionable intelligence that minimizes false positives, reducing alert fatigue and enhancing your organization’s overall resilience against evolving cyber threats.

SentinelOne Endpoint 1 SentinelOne Endpoint 2

Enhanced Threat Detection

Our MDR service provides customized content and detection rules tailored to your organization’s unique needs. This ensures that your Microsoft Sentinel platform is finely tuned to combat the unique security challenges you face.

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Security Audit

Performing regular Security Audits on your environment is a crucial and important action of technology and business requirements to help assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Free Security Audit

Incident Response

Responding to a Incident of any Cyber or Technologies instance, is paramount to precision and time, leaving it to late can leave disastrous outcomes.

Free Incident Response


Communication, and Security Practices ensure you have the highest successful rates of surviving a cyber attack or threat. Get your hands on our Free Comms Kit to get started.

Free Comms Kit
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