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Our Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility 



Following the departure of our Managing Director from Southend Rugby Club, and in potential to return to the pitch, Lee and Nathan Marketing Director have come to agreements and of great news and pleasure to announce Orbital IT shall be sponsoring the club with advertising boards, website name and logo alongside advertising in the XV Programme. Although this plays a vital business advertisement strategy, it inflames further support to a beloved local club within the City of Southend-on-Sea. Keep an eye out for our logo and adverts coming soon!

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Holt Farm 

Infant school

Here at Orbital IT, we pride ourselves on giving back and supporting the local community.

We have been working closely with Holt Farm Infant school, Rochford. Helping the younger generation to become IT literate, essential for todays way of life. Many offices are constantly replenishing their IT equipment with the latest upgrades. We have refurbished this hardware and donated IT equipment such as laptops to Holt Farm Infant school. This enables the future generation to become more hands-on with IT from a young age, assisting with their education and building knowledge within this industry.

Myself & the Holt Farm Infant School and students are extremely grateful for the kind donations which will be put to great use for supporting the younger generations education needs, thank you!”

Mr Robin GoodierHead Teacher

The Log Cabin Charity

For a number of years, sponsoring & sponsorship has been contributed to The Log Cabin Charity, Ealing. The Log Cabin Charity supports younger generation students with special education needs requirements and helps build their confidence and experience with daily activities of life and socializing.

a total value of £4740.00 has been contributed to the charity over the years and we are proud to inform will continue our support to such a great cause.

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