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Where We Serve

Cyberspace IT, are proud to have expanded to the United States from our organic growth in the United Kingdom. We have carefully selected diverse, local and business booming areas throughout the State of Florida to allow us the strategically support our partners within a set radius. Our Business which started of as a family-led service provider has grown to become a leading multi-awarded Managed Service Provder.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional IT support and professional services remains unwavering. And as active members of the local regions, we’re committed to investing in people within these areas and actively participate within the business community.

Our expansive network not only covers the US, but our dedicated United Kingdom and Canada team ensure we can provide 24/7 support for businesses with multiple locations across different time zones, strengthening our position as the go to partner for IT support locally, nationally, and internationally.



Tampa Bay



Fort Myers

St Petes

Paul Street

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